The Nashville Entrepreneur Center, or EC, fosters innovation and entrepreneurship by Turning Ideas Into Reality, helping to start businesses and create jobs. As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, the Center is funded through sponsorships, partnerships, donations and grants. The EC relies on support from leading corporations, successful entrepreneurs and those who have a vested interest in the EC’s success.


The EC has resources to help any entrepreneur with an idea, starting a business or seeking to expand an established one through our built-out, comprehensive Mentor Program; however, the EC’s predominant role is facilitating Accelerator Programs for high-growth, high-potential startups under the verticals of Health Care, Technology, Digital Media and Entertainment and Social Enterprise.


The EC became the Front Door for Entrepreneurs aspiring to create companies in Nashville with the opening of its flagship facility at 105 Broadway in August 2010.

The origin of the EC, began in 2007 as a vision out of the Partnership 2010 initiatives of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. A partnership of local and state government support, private interests and the Nashville business community at-large, the EC’s mission is to raise the quality of resources available to Nashville’s entrepreneurial and small business communities.

Support Local Entrepreneurship With Your Contribution


Support for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center is truly a gift to Nashville: its people, its culture, its economy, the honor of its past and the promise of its future. With a mission unique to this town and a tremendous history of success easily quantifiable, the cause is one we hope you will get behind.

You may either donate online or mail your check for payment to the EC. We truly appreciate your support!