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Special thanks to our partner, UBS, for their support in all D&I programming, community connections, and
commitment to changing the face of tech in Nashville and beyond.


DiverCity is a Podcast and Speaker Series that highlights the stories of Nashville entrepreneurs from a multitude of diverse backgrounds. Hosted by Domonique Townsend of Engineered2Succeed, the series is a conversation with entrepreneurs from social enterprises, small businesses, technology companies, and corporations.

Partners: Engineered2Succeed, Entrepreneurs' Organization 


The Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Program provides five entrepreneurs with a one-year launch membership to the EC and tuition for our PreFlight program. Scholarship categories include: female founder, veteran entrepreneur, social impact, minority founder, and student ambassador.


The job shadowing program connects high school students in the Metro Nashville STEM academies with participating companies from the Entrepreneur’s Organization for Job Shadowing days. Students have the opportunity to participate in Q&As, panel discussions, and office tours.

Partners: PWC Charitable FoundationEntrepreneur's Organization, Metro Nashville Public Schools