2016 Session 1: 

Paul McNeil Student Ambassador

Paul McNeil
Student Ambassador

Domonique Townsend Minority Founder

Domonique Townsend
Minority Founder

Dave Lannom Veteran Entrepreneur

Dave Lannom
Veteran Entrepreneur

Donna Reeves Social Impact Scholar

Donna Reeves
Social Impact Scholar

Ayumi Bennett Female Founder

Ayumi Bennett
Female Founder


2016 SESSION 2:

Fallon Wilson Female Founder

Fallon Wilson
Female Founder

Karsten Ferguson Veteran Entrepreneur

Karsten Ferguson
Veteran Entrepreneur

Kanitha Pope Social Impact

Kanitha Pope
Social Impact

Kimberly Lannear Minority Founder

Kimberly Lannear
Minority Founder

Dan Miller Student Ambassador

Dan Miller
Student Ambassador


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