It takes a village. Entrepreneurship is hard work.
Many founders don't have the resources to support a broad team, and they are often operating in unexplored territory.

The combination of Mentors, Service Providers and Program Experts delivers a knowledge and an experience base that is
difficult to afford in new ventures. 


MENTORS are operators: "Doing it, Done it or Invested in it." Corporate or startup experience in building a venture is key and required to be an EC Mentor. Their engagement with an entrepreneur can be long or short, but the Mentor's relevant experience positions them to best guide the creation and launch portion of an early stage venture's development. 

SERVICE PROVIDERS deliver specialized expertise or other knowledge, usually in a defined timeframe, and often for a specific need such as legal contracts, brand development and outsourced technology services. This engagement is more common during the Launch and Grow phases, and typically is shorter term. Service Providers may eventually be referred to serve in the Mentor role. 

PROGRAM EXPERTS  are advisors identified for specific accelerator programs like Project Music, Project Healthcare, 1440, and EO Catalyst. These experts bring years of experience in a particular industry vertical associated with the accelerator. They serve during the term of the accelerator. Depending on their level of involvement with a particular program they may be considered to join an accelerator participant's advisory board.

The goal of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's Entrepreneur Advisor Program is to be data driven in our matchmaking process between advisors and our entrepreneurs. In addition, it is important for you as an Advisor to become familiar with one another to assist in providing the best recommendations for future engagement with the entrepreneur. Lastly, the EC encourages its Entrepreneur Advisors to take advantage of working together to support one another. It's not just a one way street-Entrepreneur Advisors can help one another and are encouraged to do so. 

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