What will I experience while interning at the EC?
Interning at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) you'll experience and inclusive culture that supports individual growth and learning.   You'll also learn how to work with entrepreneurs and identify their needs to achieve success and the value of organization and details all couched in an entrepreneurial mindset.

Will I get paid for this internship?
Unless otherwise noted on the intern role's description, internships at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center are unpaid roles and require that you receive school credit or be participating in an independent study with faculty advisement.

What if I'm not in school and just want to volunteer at the EC?
That's awesome and we love volunteers!  The Nashville Entrepreneur Center has a variety of events and programs that can benefit from volunteer support.  If you're interested send a note to and a team member will reach out to you.

I'm in high school and want to intern at the EC?  Am I eligible?
Yes!  If your school offers an intern program that you are eligible to participate in, we welcome you to apply for a position appropriate to your skill set and interests.  If accepted, you'll need parental consent to participate.  Some roles have a higher education requirement - that's noted on the application for each role.

Do I really have to attend the required intern orientation?
Yep!  This is your opportunity to meet your fellow interns and the EC team.  It also gives you a chance to learn what we do at the EC.  At orientation, we take your photo for the intern directory and have you complete some additional forms. 

My major has nothing to do with business or entrepreneurship, am I still eligible to apply?
Yes.  Unless noted on the application all majors are eligible to apply.  The Nashville Entrepreneur Center welcomes a diverse set of interests and experience.  Just make sure your skill sets and interests align with the role you apply for.

I can't find the answer to my question here, what do I do?
Simply click the "questions" button on the main EC intern page and shoot us a note with your question.  A team member will get back to you.