customer service INTERN
(description & application)

Intern Role: Customer Service Intern
Hours:  15-20/week – includes required hours from 5:30p-7:00p on Mondays
Compensation: Credit or Volunteer
Education Requirement:  Undergraduate Junior or Senior or higher
Supervisor:  Membership Lead

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center is built by the Nashville community for the community and constantly engages with people.  As the customer service intern you will be interfacing with the EC’s most important stakeholders - our customers who range from entrepreneurs to investors to mentors to strategic partners.  You will be assisting with the daily operations of the EC by supporting the best member experience possible.  You’ll also have the opportunity to communicate directly with the EC staff and companies working out of the EC which will give invaluable networking experience in the entrepreneur community.  The unique element to this internship is your opportunity to work directly with an early, idea stage startup participating in the PreFlight program in addition to the EC at large.

This role has two functions:
            - Assist startups in tapping into EC resources
            - Respond to website, phone and in person inquiries
            - Help with one-off projects to collect information about the EC and its stakeholders
            - Attend the Monday, 5:30p-7:00p PreFlight, pre-accelerator course (dates vary based on semester, visit
            - Attach yourself to one startup in the course to work with on a weekly basis.
            - Establish a clearly defined project for that startup and complete the project.dd
(You will be able to dedicate 25% of your internship hour to working with the startup at the EC inclusive of the 1.5 hours on Monday evenings.)
Additional Skills Needed:
- Networking and Communication Skills
- Customer Service Driven Attitude