What We Do

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be.

Being surrounded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that” can be invaluable in the early stages of a start-up.

Mentors, Experts, and Program Advisors with diverse backgrounds provide a wealth of knowledge and know-how to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.



MENTORS are successful entrepreneurs: "Doing it, Done it or Invested in it." They bring the “mile-wide” universal knowledge and experience of the startup process to guide founders through each phase of a business’ life.

EXPERTS are subject matter geniuses who have experience in certain fields such as legal, branding or tech development. These experts bring knowledge “a mile deep” in different industries or skills needed to help with the tactical components of building a business.

PROGRAM ADVISORS  are professionals sourced for the Project Music and Project Healthcare Initiatives. With years of experience in Nashville’s thriving Music and Healthcare industries, Program Advisors provide entrepreneurs valuable direction as they work to bring their business to the market.


01. Attend Entrepreneurship Orientation to see if the Advisor Program is right for you.

02. Become a Lunch or Grow member of the EC.

03. Have a meeting with the Advisor Coordinators to make a game plan of your needs and which advisors can help.

04. Meet with Advisors to find your fit and form a relationship. 


The Advisor Program is most valuable to the founders and team members of startups who are on the journey to making a significant leap of innovation in an idea or business. Like it!

Advisors help individuals who are operating outside of their comfort zone without the knowledge and experience to confidently make decisions, strategize or execute on each of the many forks in the entrepreneurial road. Typically, entrepreneurs start with an idea either from a problem they personally experienced or from a unique perspective they had within an industry. What they don’t have is the business fundamentals and experience to get it off the ground, gain traction and scale. Advisors have the battle wounds and trophies from their journeys to help you navigate your own.

Here are a few reasons why you might meet with an advisor:

  • Validation of your efforts
  • Guidance and Direction
  • Industry Perspective
  • Sounding Board for Decisions or Ideas
  • Accountability
  • Develop a path to revenue
  • Detect your blind spots


Entrepreneurs Will:

  • Attend Entrepreneur Orientation before meeting with an Advisor
  • Prepare in advance for the Advisor meeting.
  • Provide 24-hour notice of cancellation of Advisor meetings.
  • Complete the assigned homework before returning to meet with another advisor.
  • Listen actively and stay engaged with an open mind for feedback.
  • Show the same high level of professionalism and respect that they desire in return.

Entrepreneurs Will Not:

  • Use the Advisor meetings for building a personal network or growing a book of business.
  • Misinform an Advisor or falsify any documentation.
  • Use the Advisor meeting to search for employment.
  •  Ask the Advisor to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Expect the Advisor to invest in the entrepreneur’s business.
  • Request a valuation for the company.
  • Withhold pertinent background information or act in secret.
  • Become combative or aggressive in an Advisor session. 

The mission of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Advisor Program is to leverage the knowledge, experience, and connections of qualified professionals to guide founders on their journey to create, launch, and grow successful businesses.