Beginning January 2, the names and prices of our Membership tiers will change
and current EC members will be grandfathered in on a rolling basis.

We will be making improvements to your EC experience in 2018, which means
we will be having more frequent events, space upgrades, and an enhanced member portal.
We are super grateful for the feedback that has made this process easier. 

We take this price change seriously and value your membership.
Our goal is to continue improving the EC for the long-term, investing in our
offerings to make them more impactful and sustainable to the entrepreneurs we are here to serve.

Are you a current EC member and wondering what this means for you? We'll tell you here!




Provides entrepreneurs with virtual and in-person access to a community of like minded individuals.


  • Monthly Member Lunchin’
  • EC Workshops
  • Member Slack Channel
    (Chat with other members, post job opportunities, etc.)
  • Member Portal
    (Directories for members and advisors, discounts on local products and services, etc.)
  • Google Resources
    (GFE Tech Hub Passport Program & Google Cloud Credit)




Provides entrepreneurs with access to a physical community of like minded individuals, as well as the resources to help your business grow.


  • Coworking Space, M-F 8a-5p
  • One hour meeting room/per day
  • Printing
  • Member Break Room

    You'll have access to the following features at this level, but with additional fees:
    • Lockbox Access (for mail)
    • Event Space Rental




Provides entrepreneurs looking to significantly grow their business a spot to call your own, a trusted community around you to offer support and collaboration, and intentional support. 

  • Seated around a high-energy group of peers
  • Advisor Program
  • Dedicated personal workspace
    (2 x 5 ft. Desk)
  • 24/7 Access Card
  • Personal locker for storage
  • Incubate member only networking events



2017 Launch Members
On January 1, 2018 you will automatically be transitioned over to the new CoWork Membership.
However, you will maintain the $50 price until April 1st - at which time the price will increase to $75.
It will then increase again on July 1st to the full $100 a month price. We wanted you to have six months
to get acclimated to the new pricing structure!

2017 Create Members
On January 1, 2018 current Create Members will automatically be transitioned into Connect members.
There will not be a price increase or change in offerings but we will be making improvements
to your member experience based on your feedback.

2017 Dedicated Desk Members
On January 1, 2018 current Dedicated Desk members will automatically be transitioned into Incubate members. There will not be a price increase or change in offerings but we will be making improvements
to your member experience based on your feedback.


advisor program-01.png



In order to better serve the entrepreneurs looking to access our network of awesome EC Advisors, we’ve taken steps to enhance the Advisor Program for a bigger and brighter future in 2018.

What does this mean for you? The Advisor Program is moving to an application-based program separate from general membership. We’ve focused in on who we are most equipped to serve, and have enhanced the program to provide these entrepreneurs with a higher level of support through:

Access to EC Advisor Network
Tap into the knowledge of a powerhouse
network of 200+ entrepreneurs and experts
who have “been there, done that” and can
provide support, feedback, and direction
No longer limited to 2 meetings per month)!

EC Connect Membership
Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
through access to the member portal, Slack
channel, member-only events, and more.

Advisor Resource Library
Looking for resources around a certain business topic? In 2018 we’ll be developing a growing database of exclusive Advisor-recorded content to supplement your progress outside of your advising meetings.

Quarterly check-in with EC team member
Sit down with the Advisor Program manager to track progress, set goals, and develop a plan for your upcoming advising meetings. You’ll walk away with a clear path to navigating the Advisor network.

Interested in Advisor support and coworking space?
Bundle the Advisor Program and a CoWork membership for $150/month (50% discount on CoWork membership!)


Why are you increasing the prices?
As a non-profit, we are always looking for ways to be more effective. One of those is making significant investments in our sustainability and your long term experience.

Even with this price change, we are still the most affordable coworking space in Nashville! We will also be making improvements to your member experience including space upgrades and additional programming, based on the feedback that you provided!

Why are you changing the levels..including the names?
We heard from current and prospective members alike that the names and amenities of our membership were confusing. We have opted for a more straightforward approach, where the names of the membership represent what you will receive.

What if I am a current member, will I get grandfathered in?
If you have a Launch membership, you will maintain the $50 price until April 1st at which time the price will increase to $75. It will then increase again on July 1st to the full $100 a month price. We wanted you to have a chance to get acclimated to the new pricing structure!

Current Create level members will automatically be transitioned into Connect level members. Dedicated members will automatically be transitioned into Incubate members. Neither have a price increase and your current benefits do not change!

I work M-F from 8a-5p and can’t come into the EC to utilize the space. What should I do?
You are welcome to get involved and engaged with the EC by attending our events that occur before and after work hours, as well as engage with our digital community. The Connect membership option might be best for you! If you are looking for more support, and 24/7 access to the building we suggest checking out our Incubate Membership. This is the only level that provides 24/7 access!

What if I am a student or veteran?
We provide a 25% discount to students and veterans on both our Connect and CoWork membership levels!

advisor program

Why separate the Advisor Program from general membership?
Through extensive surveys and feedback from our members, we found that most of our members were interested in either just coworking space, or just Advisor support. By separating the two, we can provide higher quality service to the teams that are most interested in engaging with Advisors.

But what if I want access to both the Advisors and the coworking space?
If you’re a part of the Advisor Program, you can add a CoWork membership at a 50% discount, making it a total of $150 a month for both the Advisor Program and CoWork Membership.

Why is the Advisor Program application based now?
Through a more intentional approach to who we serve and how we do it, we hope to improve the experience for both the entrepreneurs and advisors. In August 2017, we implemented an informal application process and found that the level of engagement and quality of meeting increased significantly.

What if I don’t get accepted?
Great news, we’ve been taking intentional steps to build a process to connect entrepreneurs to the best possible resources for them and their business in Nashville. A “no” to the Advisor Program just means that our program wasn’t designed to support your specific type of business, but we’ll work to connect you with an organization in Nashville that does.

If I’m currently a Launch member, will I still have access to the Advisor Program in 2018?
On January 1st, original Launch members that meet application criteria for the Advisor Program will still have access to the program at the original rate of $50 per month. On April 1st, the price will raise to $75 per month. Finally, on July 1st, membership for original Launch members will switch over to the new structure. This means that entrepreneurs interested in the Advisor Program will need to pay $100 a month to be in the program. Entrepreneurs interested in both Advisors + CoWork will pay $150 a month.

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