Meet the 2021-2022 Cohorts 


Meet the entrepreneurs of the InFlight, Twende, and TwenFlight cohorts, the most expansive and mature cohorts of entrepreneurs to date. All three programs, which are part of the NEC’s comprehensive suite of services for entrepreneurs and business leaders, are for founders in any industry who are looking to scale their companies. The 2020-2021 cohort members for InFlight, Twende and TwenFlight are all based in Nashville. 

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A&E Coaching Group Inc.

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Cathy Anderson

Company Description: As a business coach/consultant, I am focusing on assisting nonprofit leaders with developing their organization towards sustainability. In group settings, I provide education in areas to improve engagement and impact. 

Biggest Need: Connecting the systems and scaling up my business with automated strategies and systems. The goal is to build an email list as well as a tribe on FB. 

Industry: Coaching, Consulting

The Artistic Canvas

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Amber Handy

Company Description: The Artistic Canvas is an art photography service centered around a self care experience for the client.  

Biggest Need: Creating engaging content, reaching a larger audience, marketing strategy.

Industry: Photography


Cohort: Twende

Founder: Nycorya Wilson

Company Description: My company is a boutique that specializes in plus size clothing for women and accessories. 

Biggest Need: Build brand, increase sales, marketing, and funding.

Industry: Apparel, Business

Bring Me Home

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: CEO Carolyn Benson (founder)

Company Description: Assign QR Codes tracking label, minor children and elderly with dementia and alzheimers.

Industry: Marketing

Christ Home Care

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Sudhir (Jack) Gaur, President

Company Description: Christ Home Care is an upscale, private pay only agency, serving seniors or anyone in need in the comfort of their own homes.  

Biggest Need: I am looking for mentors in the healthcare industry familiar with non-medical home care. 

Industry: Home Care, Senior Care


Cohort: Twende

Founder: Regina McCord

Company Description: Celebrating the creativity of filmmakers who happen to be women, CineSociety.Co features underrepresented emerging artists in monthly events to build a supportive film community that inspires, educates, breaks down stereotypes, and encourages bold expression free of sexism and discrimination. 

Biggest Need: Technological challenges have been the greatest delay.  We are not strong in marketing / social media.  We believe that marketing will be the most important factor in our business success.  Finding films / filmmakers will benefit from enhanced marketing efforts as well.  Naturally funding sources would be beneficial to our marketing efforts.  

Industry: Film

Community ConneXor

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Vickie W. Harris, Founder and CEO

Company Description: We work with social service organizations to build digitally connected provider networks that improve organizational operational efficiency to deliver services in a manner that addresses access equity and navigation burden. 

Biggest Need: I am looking for a non-technical co-founder with project management skills with previous experience in social services or healthcare sectors interested in working to improve how communities deliver social services.

Industry: Community Health

The Conflict Chick Inc. 

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Dawn Stone, MBA, MA. Speaker. Consultant. Coach.

Company Description: A speaker, consultant, and coach helping executives and leaders create success for themselves and their organizations through effective Conflict management, leadership, and Equity to build stronger relationships and build.  

Biggest Need: I am seeking referral partners where there is conflict within teams and individuals and I seek automation of the mundane tasks within my business 

Industry: Professional Service

Creative Soulz Printing

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Thomas Kelly, Owner/Operator

Company Description: We specialize in custom, affordable, printing services such as business cards, labels, banners, and other marketing materials. 

Biggest Need: I’m looking for mentors to help increase my brand marketing out to other businesses, mainly the B2B arena.  It would also help to have a commercial printing space/equipment I could utilize to grow my business. 

Industry: Business

Culture Architecture and Design, PLLC

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Joseph Cole, CEO and Founding Principal

Company Description: Culture Architecture and Design, PLLC is a full-service architecture and interior design firm. At Culture, we pride ourselves on creating compelling spaces and brands that people love. 

Biggest Need: We are seeking introductions to organizations planning to either renovate or build office spaces, retail, educational facilities, multifamily housing, or other commercial spaces.

Industry: Architecture and Interior Design

Fairpointe Planning

Cohort: Twende/ InFlight

Founder: Tanisha J. Hall, AICP, TDM-CP CEO & Principal

Company Description: Fairpointe Planning is a WMDBE firm helping city, state, and federal organizations develop innovative and equitable transportation plans using research, data analysis, and targeted stakeholder engagement.  

Biggest Need: I am looking for mentors experienced in business development and marketing to local, state, and federal government organizations.

Industry: Government

Girl, unKnown Inc.

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Alexis Hughes- Willams 

Company Description: Providing women and girls, in underserved communities, the opportunity to enhance their realities through accountability, networking and healthy social interactions by encouraging individuals to explore their social, physical and emotional development. 

Biggest Need: The biggest obstacle is not having a solid and reliable team.

Industry: Non-profit

Your Goal Concierge, Inc.

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Erica Kesse, M.S., M.A., LPC-T, Master Integrative Coach and Operational Consultant

Company Description: Your Goal Concierge, Inc. is a Person Centered organization that focuses on Integrative Coaching for Helper CEOs through Master Integrative Coaching, Business Process Consultation, and the YGC Catalyst Program.  

Biggest Need: I am looking for mentors to give concrete methods and advice to scale my business.

Industry: Business

Harvest In The Rain Digital

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Amaliko Carroll

Company Description: Harvest In The Rain Digital is a trusted, professional, video production company. We specialize in Corporate Video Production, Camera Operation, Wedding Videography, Video Editing,  Music Videos, Video Commercial Production and more. 

Biggest Need: Consistent clientele and marketing.

Industry: Videography 

Kwench Juice Cafe

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Tara Mitchner-owner/operator 

Company Description: We share our passion for nutrition, vibrant health and happiness every day, in every way. Kwench Juice Cafe’s goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first responsibility is providing top-quality fresh products and excellent customer service.  

Biggest Need: I’m looking for mentors in the food and beverage industry. I opened my business during the pandemic and was unable to have a grand opening. Would like help with a “opened my business during a pandemic and kept the doors open” one year celebration.

Industry: Food/ Beverage

Music City Mancave

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Kiyona Brown- President 

Company Description: Music City Mancave is a luxury men’s grooming spa that specializes in custom hand and foot treatments.  

Biggest Need: MCM is looking for men that care about their hygiene regime to educate the culture “men” about the health importance and benefits of hand and foot grooming.

Industry: Spa, Wellness

Remington Holt Consulting

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Remington Holt

Company Description: Remington is a consultant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in schools who specializes in developing sustainable systems of equity and training educators who serve Black and Brown students, families, and communities.  

Biggest Need: Budgets, revenue, lack of a business plan/goals, social media presence/advertisement/reach/marketing.

Industry: Consulting, Education

Southern Flare

Cohort: Twende

Founders: Calvin Gatlin and Lovely Lancaster 

Company Description: Named “Nashville’s Mecca of Cigars” Southern Flare is an upscale cigar retail and lounge establishment located in the heart of Rutherford county.  

Biggest Need: We are looking to build our relationships with corporate partners in order to co- brand events and sponsor community related initiatives that impacts our local community.

Industry: Cigar Lounge


Cohort: Twende

Founder: Timothy Burkhead

Company Description: The TM App is the Slack of the music touring industry. 

Biggest Need: Our industry has completely shut down. Our service and software are profitable when there are tours on the road. We are finding ways to continue to innovate and adapt to customers in and out of the music industry.

Industry: Music, Touring


Cohort: Twende

Founder: Sydney Graham Sturgis – Founder & CEO, Tyler Sturgis – President of Sales

Company Description: TySy, LLC is a mobile technology company focused on providing customers with a piece of mind. TySy’s SAPH app alerts emergency contacts when loved ones are in danger. 

Biggest Need: I’m looking for mentors, sponsors & investors interested in driving the needle on minority women in the tech space. (Especially in the fields of Automation & Wearables.)

Industry: Technology

VIRT Physical Therapy

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Mariana Hanna Tondo – Physical Therapist and Founder

Company Description: VIRT Physical Therapy provides one-on-one innovative, hands-off musculoskeletal virtual care with specialized physical therapists allowing greater flexibility, convenience, lower costs, and better outcomes with fewer visits.  

Biggest Need: I am looking for connections with orthopedics doctors, other healthcare providers, and partnerships for appropriate mutual referrals as well as connections with HR departments of self-insured companies that want to reduce healthcare costs.

Industry: Healthcare

360 Inventory Solutions

Cohort: Twende

Founder: Florez Murrell

Company Description: 360 Inventory Solutions travels to homes and small businesses to document personal property and assets to provide proof of ownership to simplify insurance claims in case of a fire, theft, or natural disasters.  

Biggest Need: Another app developer.

Industry: Insurance





Cohort: TwenFlight

Founder: Angie Allen: CEO and Laura Vignon: President

Company Description: CollegeLeaps is a mobile app designed to make the college admissions process understandable to every user, save precious time completing the process, and provide step-by-step instructions and guidance. 

Biggest Need: We are looking for mentors in the edtech field and app development and monetization as well as marketing assistance. 

Industry: Education Technology

Lock and Key

Cohort: TwenFlight

Founder: Tony Perrin – Designer/Owner

Company Description: A lifestyle jewelry brand for men and women honoring artisan traditions and designed for the modern world. 

Biggest Need: I am looking for mentors to help continue the momentum I have created, understand how to create the proper infrastructure, while maintaining the integrity of my brand. 

Industry: Apparel/ Accessories

PollyAnn’s Tea Cakes, LLC

Cohort: TwenFlight

Founder: Monica Smith, Ed.D. – founder

Company Description: Created on plantations by Black women, and passed down for generations, PollyAnn’s Tea Cakes are a uniquely soulful Southern dessert. We have two contracts with BNA and are selling online. 

Biggest Need: To fulfill our awarded BNA contracts commencing Fall ’21, I need a local commercial kitchen with necessary equipment to prep, bake, and package tea cakes.

Industry: Food/ Beverage


Cohort: TwenFlight

Founder: Gable Eaton/ Founder and CEO

Company Description: TeqTouch exists to provide tactile products that are expressive and promote the safe and healthy interaction with personal and public devices that require touch. 

Biggest Need: I would like to have conversations with marketing directors to learn how transformative branding tools can help them and their clients in accessing new customers and retaining current ones as well.

Industry: Technology

Velos Labs

Cohort: TwenFlight

Founder: Mock and Amber Abdelaal

Company Description: Velos Labs makes a system that gives autonomous driving capability to military vehicles for operation in dangerous environments.

Industry: Tech, Military




Apto Global

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Traci Snowden

Company Description: Apto is an online social learning community exchange where individuals guide one another to interact, travel or relocate across culture, language and logistical barriers, so they can feel like themselves no matter where they are, who they are with or what they are doing.  

Biggest Need: Provost level connections at universities & colleges with international and DEI programs & DEI seeking innovation to recruit, onboard and retain international and diverse students.

Industry: Education

CUE Audio

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Jameson Rader- Founder; Ira Akers- Cofounder; Blake Picquet- Cofounder 

Company Description: CUE uses offline/network-free communication protocol to synchronize devices in stadiums and arenas worldwide.

Biggest Need:

Industry: Sports, Festivals

Fairpointe Planning

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Tanisha J. Hall, AICP, TDM-CP CEO & Principal

Company Description: Fairpointe Planning is a WMDBE firm helping city, state, and federal organizations develop innovative and equitable transportation plans using research, data analysis, and targeted stakeholder engagement. 

Biggest Need: I am looking for mentors experienced in business development and marketing to local, state, and federal government organizations.

Industry: Government


Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Harry Hoover

Company Description: is on a mission to change the way people remember to change and buy home air filters. From our no-hassle, no commitment air filter subscription, to our amazing air filters in all the perfect sizes, we’re about turning a confusing, loser-chore into something fun and helping create a healthier homeplace.  

Biggest Need: Experts with marketing funnel strategy, identity design and branding, and ecommerce logistics and warehouse processes

Industry: Home Service

Hafta Have

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Amanda Latifi, CEO and Cofounder and Nick Tyschenko, CTO and Cofounder 

Company Description: A patented platform that helps retailers capture in-store shopper data to drive cross-channel conversion, all via SMS.

Biggest Need: Looking to help bring attention to our case studies and create a sales funnel we can quickly execute against. More mentores that are connected in retail. 

Industry: Retail Technology

Leverage Creative Group

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: David Loy, CEO and Co-founder and Chase Neely, President and Co-founder

Company Description: We are a digital publishing company who takes messages from subject matter experts and amplifies them to the people who need them most online through content and digital product creation.

Biggest Need: We’re looking for investors to fund our software as a service platform built for online course distribution and for niche experts we can partner with to get their messages out.

Industry: Online Education

Meg Languages

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Matt Gambatese: Director of School Partnerships

Company Description: At Meg, we connect classrooms with professional teachers in Latin America and China who deliver live interactive Spanish and Mandarin lessons over video conference. We provide an affordable and quality world language program that is attainable for all schools.

Biggest Need: We’re looking for connections in school or district/network leadership, primarily in Charter and Title 1 Public schools.

Industry: Education

Pivot Technology School

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Joshua Mundy

Company Description: Pivot Technology School is a 20 week accelerator teaching Data Analytics, Software Development, Cyber Security, & Healthcare Analytics. 

Biggest Need: Connections, team development, and team building. 

Industry: Education


Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Shani Dowell, CEO, Founder and Christine Fisher, Operations Lead, Co-Founder

Company Description: Possip strengthens schools and districts by giving them routine access to the feedback and praise from their families and staff.

Biggest Need: I’m looking for Sales team members outside of Nashville and also looking for introductions to district and school leaders in Tennessee and beyond.

Industry: Education

Quality Car Buyers LLC

Cohort: InFlight

Founder: N. Warren Steury Owner/CEO

Company Description: Sourcing and delivering quality used inventory to auto dealerships across the US.

Biggest Need: I’m looking for assistance in systemizing and scaling a team of remote callers. 

Industry: Automotive


Cohort: InFlight

Founder: Johnny Cloherty / Co-Founder & CEO; Sean Pace / Co-Founder; Louis O’Reilly / Partner & CTO

Company Description: Technology-enabled full-service influencer marketing agency.

Biggest Need: Looking for mentors who are experienced programmers or CTOs!

Industry: Advertising

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