Becoming an Advisor at the EC means becoming a part of an environment rich in entrepreneurial excitement where advisors have the opportunity to give back to the community, build new connections, and be a guiding voice in the startup process.


MENTORS are successful entrepreneurs: "Doing it, Done it or Invested in it." They bring the “mile-wide” universal knowledge and experience of the startup process to guide founders through each phase of a business’ life.

EXPERTS are subject matter geniuses who have experience in certain fields such as legal, branding or tech development. These experts bring knowledge “a mile deep” in different industries or skills needed to help with the tactical components of building a business.

PROGRAM ADVISORS  are professionals sourced for the Project Music and Project Healthcare Initiatives. With years of experience in Nashville’s thriving Music and Healthcare industries, Program Advisors provide entrepreneurs valuable direction as they work to bring their business to the market.


01. Fill out the Advisor Application

02. Come check out the EC, meet the team and see if the Advisor Program is the right fit for you.

03. Attend advisor orientation and learn how it all works. 

04. Shadow the Advisors who have been doing this a while to see what it's like. 


Being an Advisor is a rewarding opportunity to share the knowledge and experience that you have accumulated throughout your professional career. You can expect entrepreneurs to look to you for feedback, direction and perspective along their entrepreneurial journey. A well-suited Advisor shares their knowledge and experience with the motive of giving back to the Nashville entrepreneurial community. A great advisor is willing to share both their successes and their failures to help guide entrepreneurs down the right path and avoid the pitfalls that hinder success.


Entrepreneurs Will:

  • Create a safe, open environment for sharing and learning.
  • Listen actively, build trust and give honest feedback.Be professional at all times.
  • Treat the Entrepreneur with the dignity and respect you would expect in return.
  • Make the entrepreneur aware of any potential conflicts of interest involving the Advisor's ventures.
  • Prepare in advance for the Advisor meeting.
  • Turn in meeting notes for each Advisor Meeting within a reasonable window of time post-meeting.
  • Provide minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation of Advisor meetings.

Entrepreneurs Will Not:

  • Enter the meeting with any alternative agenda than adding value to the entrepreneur.
  • Degrade the entrepreneur or their idea.
  • Judge an entrepreneur from their personal accolades.
  • Do the work for the entrepreneur.
  • Pressure the entrepreneur to hire the Advisor as a paid consultant, advisor or employee.
  • Violate the confidentiality requirements of the Advisor Program.
  • Establish a valuation for the company.
  • Withhold pertinent background information or act in secret.