Dawei Li Juggles School and Entrepreneurship

Dawei Li is the founder of Aloa Labs, a technology and development consulting company that strives to eliminate the risk associated with product development. He took a moment to chat with us about his interest in entrepreneurship, balancing his busy life, and any advice he'd give to fellow entrepreneurs. 

Describe yourself in one word: 


Why are you interested in entrepreneurship?

I want to one day help accelerate the global transition to net zero carbon emissions.

If you could meet any entrepreneur, who would it be?

Elon Musk

What is your favorite aspect of the EC?

I love the open space, the energy, and the passion.

What advice would you give to someone seeking to create, launch, or grow a business?

In creating a business, you have to come up with an idea and validate your idea by talking to as many people as you can. In launching a business, you have to identify your competitors and plan how you are going to enter the market in the most effective way. In growing a business, you have expand the company network and promote further brand awareness in your target markets.

How do you balance the entrepreneurial lifestyle?

Working on AloaLabs while being a student at Vanderbilt can be hard at times. I believe that time spent resting is just as important, if not more important, than time spent working. As entrepreneurs, it is sometimes easy for us to work way too hard because our work IS our passion. However, just like a rubber band, if we undergo too much stress or pressure, we will snap. I believe that resting one full day of each week is crucial if you want to operate at full efficiency the next week.

You can learn more about Aloa Labs at https://aloalabs.com/