DiverCity Ep5 - “No Excuses” with Bill McCleskey, Founder MiTech Partners

“Innovation is rewarded but execution is worshipped. Execution is the name of the game.” Nashville native and CEO of MiTech Partners, Bill McCleskey was recently awarded business of the year award by Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce, but his entrepreneurial journey began years before that.

After graduating from Fisk University, Bill McCleskey went into the sales arena, and credits the time with helping him attain one of his most valuable entrepreneurial tools.

“Work ethic will out-perform talent any day. I don’t care whether you’re black, white, Latino, whatever, male or female— if you get out here and work hard, you may not be as talented, but you’re going to out-perform the person who’s talented who doesn’t work hard, who doesn’t put forth 120 percent.” For more stories like this, visit ec.co/podcast.

Bonus: Did you know Bill McCleskey is an alumni of our PreFlight program

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