Focus, Michael Brody-Waite at BuildIT

Focus, Michael Brody-Waite at BuildIT

Michael Brody-Waite, the CEO and co-founder of InQuicker, joined Robbie Goldsmith at this month’s BuildIT event at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. InQuicker allows ER and Urgent Care patients to wait at home to reduce time spent in hospital waiting rooms and allows patients to schedule doctors visits online.

In the interview, Michael shared his desire to build a great company, not just a big one. While doing so, maintaining his faith and giving back to society remained critical.

He started building InQuicker in 2009 with Tyler Kiley, and has led it through tremendous growth over the past four years. They bootstrappedInQuicker and have never taken capital.

Having to learn as he went, Michael has scaled personally with the company. He stressed his immense personal growth and professional growth over the last four years, not separating the two, but noting his belief that they are connected and drive one another.

“Personal and professional development aren’t two separate things.” At the end of their talk, Michael gave three key things he and his company focus on.