Reddit co-founder encourages Nashville startups to look beyond Silicon Valley

Alexis Ohanian urges entrepreneurs to grow business in best place

In Silicon Valley, venture capital is plentiful and the burritos are as good as they get, but entrepreneurs need not relocate there to start a company, said Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

“Tech startups, by all means, go there and get a burrito and raise some funding,” Ohanian said Tuesday, speaking at the Entrepreneur Center as part of a nationwide tour. “But come back. Go back to wherever you think your startup can thrive and succeed.”

Ohanian launched Reddit, a social news site that allows users to submit content, in 2005, and the site now has more than 80 million monthly visitors. He has since created travel site Hipmunk and social venture site Breadpig, become an investor in early stage companies, as well as writing his recent book, “Without Their Permission.”