PRE-FLIGHT Company Spotlight


PRE-FLIGHT Company Spotlight • Company Name: Eraselet, LLC

Founder: Kimberly McCain •

About: The Eraselet was invented after my youngest daughter, Audrey, kept loosing her erasers. We decided to make an eraser that she could keep “handy” by wearing one on her wrist! The Eraselet is proudly made in the USA. We have a trademark and a patent-pending through the USPTO. So far we have sold over 3.5 Million Eraselets thru the promotional product industry! 

Due to the great success of the product in the promo industry, we are now researching ways to reach the retail market so everyone has the opportunity to join in on the FUNctional and fashionable new way to erase! Last year we placed within the Top 20 of thousands of entries in Wal-Mart’s Get on the Shelf contest received national attention through several media outlets including ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer and USA today!