Mentor Spotlight: Julie May, BYTES OF KNOWLEDGE

Name: Julie May • Company: bytes of knowledge (b:ok) 

Twitter: @bytesofknow; @juliemaybok • Facebook:; • LinkedIn: Julie May • Website:

Tell us about yourself and your business or businesses:

Whether it’s talking strategy with my team at bytes of knowledge(b:ok), designing our new offices in Germantown, attending my sons’ sporting events with my husband and business partner Charles, playing tennis, holding positions within local organizations like theNashville Chamber of CommerceEntrepreneurs’ Organization andCitizens for a Better Nashville, or mentoring entrepreneurs and startups at groups like the Entrepreneur Center, it’s safe to say I like to stay busy. As my husband always says, I’m either “flat out or flat out,” meaning I’m either very active… or asleep. There’s no real middle gear for me.

 I founded b:ok in 1995 after writing the business plan while in business school at the Massey Graduate School of Business at Belmont. At the time, people were just starting to use computers, but many of them didn’t know how to use the computer programs. So, I developed a business plan for a company to train individuals on how to sell and use computers and computer software.

As technology grew from a separate silo to the basis and support of a functioning business, we evolved to meet our customer’s resulting needs. We grew more sophisticated in technical support  and maintenance and began offering website, e-commerce and large-scale software application development. It wasn’t long before we became experts in areas like social community development, SEO and mobile applications, as well.