Entrepreneurs and Artists Joined Forces!


Last Tuesday night entrepreneurs and artists joined forces to merge business and creativity at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

"The March "Drink It" event was one of the best ones yet," says Robbie Goldsmith, Director of Community Engagement at the EC.

Artists from the Nashville Creative Group installed a "Pop Up Art Show" selling fine art, photography and crafts while networking with an entirely new audience.

"The Nashville Creative Group partnered with the EC to reach a new audience in Healthcare, Technology and other industries because networking beyond the arts community in Nashville is critical if we want to expand our business," says Beth Inglish, Artist and Founder of the Nashville Creative Group.

The artists featured at the event were Sheri Oneal, Kay Meadows, Megan Kelley, Laurie Davis, Jonathan Stone, Michael Grine, Mary Claire Crow, Stephen Watkins, Carrie Walker and Beth Inglish.

Artist and Entrepreneur Eric Hansen said, "I was so happy hanging with everyone at the Entrepreneur Center! See, when you move from Los Angeles to Nashville, living happily ever after is about finding your tribe. Last night at the Entrepreneur Center, both my tribes were there, in the same place at the same time… artists and entrepreneurs!"

This year the Nashville Entrepreneur Center is building new bridges between the arts and business communities through new programs such as Creative Connection "Artist in Residence" and Periscope.

To learn more about these programs, artists and more, check out the links below:

Beth Inglishhttp://binglishART.com


Creative Connectionhttp://www.ec.co/creative-connection/