Developers Who Want to Teach and Teachers That Want to Develop


A handful of developers who are on the advisory board for the Nashville Academy of Computer Science (opening this fall) have organized an event tomorrow that pairs local developers with local teachers interested in learning more about how to incorporate basic principles of computer science into their everyday work in the classroom.

The event is called CLICK and it’s taking place at Nashville Prep. The theme is For Developers Who Want to Teach and Teachers That Want to Develop. Nashville Programming Education day will take place this Saturday, March 8th. If you would like to give a 5-minute lightning talk on any topic related to programming and education, you should contact

Nashville Prep will open its second middle school, the Nashville Academy of Computer Science , in August of 2014 to a class of 120 5th graders.  When NACS is fully-grown, it will be a grade 5-8 open enrollment public school. We will offer bussing to scholars from across Davidson County.

NACS will have the same schedule as Nashville Prep; however, it will also incorporate computer programming as part of the middle school curriculum.  In grades five and six, computer programming will be offered for one hour during our Focus Tutoring block, for three hours every other Saturday, and for three hours during our Enrichment program.  In grades seven and eight, every scholar will participate in the programming class for one hour each day.  

This new school will be one of the first middle schools in the country to embed computer science as a core subject 5 days a week, and the interest has been so strong. We’ve quickly learned that most of the great developers here first fell in love with computers while they were in middle school, so this new school speaks to them in a big way. I also think it’s another important feather in Nashville’s cap. 

If you’d like to know more or chat with some of the folks in the dev community working on this, Please contact Hal Cato at . 

The Nashville Academy of Computer Science (NACS) is part of Nashville Prep, an existing 501(c)(3) organization.