Michael Burcham to curate NBJ's Facebook page this weekend


from Nathan Morgan, Nashville Business Journal

About a year ago I spent some time covering Michael Burcham for an in-depth look into the life of a man who has significantly contributed to cultivating Nashville’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Personally intrigued by his personality and cloud of success, I "friended" him on Facebook and have continued to learn from him in the process. I wished our readers could do the same.

In a continued effort to connect and inform you, we are taking another first step that we believe will do just that. This weekend we are handing over the reins of our Facebook page to Burcham, the CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. A pioneer in Nashville’s startup scene, Burcham will serve as the page's guest editor, posting content and ideas that we believe will challenge and inform other Nashville-area leaders.

Burcham has been covered by the Nashville Business Journal multiple times, though you might have missed this front-page package from our archives that is now free to read for non-subscribers

A few regularly scheduled items will be posted to our page, but we want to step back and allow for more dialogue. For clarity, Burcham will sign all of the posts that he makes.

I hope you enjoy what you see and consider joining the conversation this Saturday and Sunday, exclusively through our Facebook page.

Have someone you think would be good for another weekend in the future? Please let me know. Email me atNMorgan@bizjournals.com with the word NBJIntel in the headline or on twitter @NshBizMorgan with the same #NBJIntel. Or suggest that we become friends on Facebook.