Top 10 Reasons Why Michael Burcham Rocks


Yesterday, Marty Craighead (EC Executive Assistant), Kelli Blackshear (EC Community Coordinator) and myself, Jessica Hill (Graphic and Web Designer), had the opportunity to hear Michael Burcham speak on the topic of " Recognizing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit" at the August CABLE Membership Luncheon.

The whole event was wonderful, but we really loved the welcoming introduction Michael got from Beth Chase, CEO of c3 consulting. We thought we would share it with you all today. Enjoy! (And tell us what YOU would add to the list!)

Michael R. Burcham spoke about the Entrepreneurial Spirit @ CABLE today. Great discussion! I was honored to introduce him. I wanted to share my Top 10 Reasons Why Michael Rocks:

10) He's a great dresser. 

9) He's an avid learner and freely shares. 

8) He has great taste in wine. 

7) He travels to the coolest places. 

6) He is a visionary thinker who dreams of unlimited possibilities. 

5) He has helped 1,000s of entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. 

4) He LOVES our city. 

3) He put our city on the global innovation map.

2) He's built businesses, he's built teams, he's built cultures. He absolutely knows how to get things done. 

1) He really cares that we ALL succeed in BUSINESS and in LIFE. 

I am grateful to call Michael a friend.