Kipkosgei Magut: Social Enterprise Entrepreneur

Kipkosgei Magut is the founder of TribEndurance, a social enterprise company that makes healthy energy bars for athletes called Moringa Bars. The main ingredient, Moringa, is sourced from Kenya and thus helps improve access to global markets for Kenyan farmers. He took a moment to share his thoughts on entrepreneurship in this week's Member Spotlight. 

For more information on TribEndurance, you can visit their website.

Describe yourself in one word:


Why are you interested in entrepreneurship?

Because it's exciting and can be used as a driver for socio-economic change.

If you could meet any entrepreneur, who would it be?

Elon Musk.

What is your favorite aspect of the EC?

Affordability, location, and more importantly, I love the collaborative attitude of the businesses at the EC. 

What advice would you give to someone seeking to create, launch, or grow a business?

1. Don't rush.

2. Talk to as many people as possible about your idea. No one will steal it if that's what you're thinking. Even if they do, sooner or later they will realize that creating, launching, and growing a business is probably harder than running to be the US president. 

How do you balance the entrepreneurial lifestyle?

I am terrible at it. However, I try to avoid work distractions during family time. That means completely zero tolerance on electronics during family time.