Mel Ferrer: Creating Works of Art Where You Least Expect It

Mel Ferrer is the founder and designer at Homage Urns, a company that makes urns into contemporary artwork. The company's unique approach allows for the urns to have a dual purpose; the ash box can be removed from the overall piece, leaving a work of art that is truly meaningful. Mel created his business in 2012 with the hope of creating an urn that was worthy of a loved one. We are proud to have Mel be this week’s spotlight member after being a member at the EC since January 2015.

Describe yourself in one word:


Why are you interested in entrepreneurship?

“Being an entrepreneur allows me to make a living with my art as well as providing a beautiful way people can remember someone cherished.”

If you could meet any entrepreneur, who would it be?

“Steve Jobs, he created beautiful products.”

What is your favorite aspect of the EC?

“Being part of a group of people who share your experiences good and bad.”

What advice would you give someone seeking to create, launch, or grow a business?

“Shut up and listen. Listen to everyone - especially your customers. That idea you think is great may not be as great outside your own mind, except criticism.”

How do you balance the entrepreneurial lifestyle?

“Unplug, spend quiet time with my son outdoors exploring nature, it's quite humbling. Portrait painting also, helps me sharpen both sides of the designer/ artist sword.”

For more information and to see pictures of Mel's work, visit