Story 4: Renata Soto speaks at SipIT, Charlotte Chamber visits Nashville, and David Hall talks Rise of the Rest

Included on this week's Nashville Entrepreneurship Podcast:

Renata Soto, co-founder of Conexion Americas, a Nashville nonprofit that promotes the social, economic and civic integration of Latino immigrant families.

  • "The next mayor must build upon the legacy of mayor Dean."
  • "The needs of immigrants must be considered in every sense in every decision and every investment the city makes."

Keva Walton, Charlotte Chamber Senior Vice President Member Engagement, Strategic Partnerships and Diversity

  • "Employers follow talent- so if talent isn't coming, employers are going to leave."

David Hall, partner at Revolution Ventures.  

  • "You don't have to be in Silicon Valley to start a company- you don't have to have a Boston connection to start a great company. You can start it in ANY city now."
  • "75% of all venture capital dollars went to 3 states: New York, Massachusetts, and of course, California. The other 47 states had to via for 25% of the venture capital. But 75% of all Fortune 500 companies are actually located outside those 3 states."
  • "The advice, connections and customer introductions are just as important as the money [invested]."   

Revolution Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in new, emerging businesses in consumer tech sector, media, entertainment, or other mass-market opportunities that offer a unique approach to tackling a staid category and grow into a significant consumer business.