Female Entrepreneur

Celebrating Women's History Month

Throughout the month of March, we've been celebrating Women’s History Month by shining a spotlight on the women entrepreneurs and leaders in our community. What has been your greatest reward in being an entrepreneur? What advice would you give to young women who want to succeed in the workplace? We’ve shared their answers to a few of these questions on our social media pages, and below, you’ll find a compilation of our favorite answers to 5 different questions featuring 9 women.

Member Spotlight: Renee Bobb

Renee Bob is the founder of Music City Icons. Philanthropist, Author, Empowerment Trainer, Publisher and Radio & TV Show Host: Renee’s passion for playing basketball started in Staten Island, NYwhere she played in Middle School and High School. Upon graduation from High School, Renee went on the play Division 1 basketball at Cheyney State University. The highlight of Renee’s career was playing NATO Basketball for the United States Navy. Because of the love Renee has for game, it was easy for her to make the transition in to Owner of the Music City Icons Semi Professional Women’s Basketball Team.