5 Best Tips To Prepare For Your Advisor Meeting

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preparing for your first advisor meeting:

  1. Research your advisor
  2. Define your goals
  3. Be coachable
  4. Follow up
  5. Send a thank you note  

A few reminders about your first meeting:

  1. Meeting with advisors is a matchmaking process. Though we think this advisor will be a great fit, it’s not always a perfect match the first time around. You can (and are encouraged to) meet with as many advisors as you’d like.
  2. After this first meeting, membership is required to continue meeting with advisors.
  3. Come prepared with a your completed Idea Frame. This tool helps act as a basic summary of your business, and shows advisors that you’ve thought through what it will take to turn your idea into a viable business.

Download & Complete The Idea Frame PDF: