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Incubate Membership

$300 a month

An Incubate Membership at the EC is a perfect place to land to be surrounded by a trusted, high-energy group of peers. You get the best of both worlds: a permanent spot that you call your own, and a trusted community around you to offer support and collaboration.

Our Incubate Memberships cater to entrepreneurs looking to significantly grow by means of revenue, impact or job creation.

For $300 a month, you will receive a dedicated desk, 24/7 access card and a locker. We are currently accepting applications for Incubate Memberships.

Curious to see who is already here...


Advisor Program - Tap into the knowledge of a powerhouse network of 200+ entrepreneurs and experts.

Dedicated Desk Space - No need to pack up at the end of the night. You have a permanent, 2 x 5 ft. space that you call your own.

24/7 Access - Jamming out some emails at 11PM? Need to print last minute marketing material at 6AM? We got you.

Locker Space - You can sleep sound knowing all of your valuables are locked up.

Private Breakfast - A bi-monthly opportunity to connect with fellow Incubate Members...food included!

CoWork Membership benefits - Community co-working space, meeting room access, printing, and everything else

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between co-working space and desk space?

Coworking space is included with a Cowork Membership, and gives you access to first come first serve, flex space during business hours. Incubate Memberships provide permanent space, and allow you to leave your belongings at all times.

What if I have multiple people on my team?

You will need to specify that in your application. Only one person is permitted to sit at the desk, at a time. 

Is there a contract?

Though there is a contract you need to sign, there is no time commitment. Our dedicated desks are rented month to month, and are NOT pro-rated.