LINDA Rebrovick

Linda Rebrovick has over 35 years of national and international business experience and has served on
public and private company boards for 15 years. Since 2001, she has been a Board Director,
HealthStream, Inc., the leading healthcare workforce development and patient experience company.
Linda serves on the Board of Consensus Point, Inc., a private firm and leading provider of prediction market
analytics for market research, and she served as its CEO from 2009 to 2014 when she launched her candidacy to run for Mayor of Nashville. Linda serves on the board of Tribridge Enterprises, LLC and previously held the positions of Board Director, KPMG LLP, and Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.

As a candidate for the office of Mayor of Metropolitan Nashville, Linda gained knowledge of city government operations. She communicated a vision to build a “Smarter City” with efficient and effective government using innovative digital solutions, enterprise software, social media, cyber security and real time, adaptive technology.

As the CEO, Consensus Point, Linda built the company from a startup to an emerging small business. Consensus Point provides agile, fast, cost-effective and accurate market research Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. Under her leadership, the company was selected by the prestigious Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) as one of the ten most innovative companies in the software and digital content industries.

As the Vice President, Dell Healthcare, Linda led her team to achieve a record $1 Billion in revenue. Linda joined KPMG as a Partner and was elected to the KPMG LLP US Board of the $13.5 billion global audit, tax and services firm. Linda held the leadership roles of HealthCare Executive Vice President and Managing Partner, KPMG Consulting. During this time, KPMG Consulting grew 11 per cent to $3.9 billion in revenues. When the business went public through an IPO in 2001, Linda became the EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, KPMG Consulting. As CMO, Linda led the successful Global Rebranding Campaign from KPMG Consulting to BearingPoint, Inc. BearingPoint became one of the world’s largest providers of management and technology consulting services, with operations in more than 60 countries and approximately 17,100 employees.

Linda joined IBM in 1977 and rose through the company to Marketing Manager and Business Unit Executive. She was responsible for creating and developing IBM's successful entry into the consulting and services business within a three state area: Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Linda’s board experience in public and private companies is extensive. She has been serving as a Board Director, HealthStream, Inc. for 15 years, and she held the position of Chair, Governance Committee, for the past 14 years. She is currently serving on the Compensation Committee. During her service on the Board, HealthStream, NASDAQ (HSTM), has grown to approximately 1000 employees providing digital training to approximately 4.5 Million healthcare subscribers.