MusicPreneur is an annual 3-part series dedicated to empowering music-minded entrepreneurs and young entertainment professionals to
change the future of music through their careers and endeavors. For the third consecutive year, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) is partnering
with the Music City Music Council (MC2) and Young Entertainment Professionals (YEP). The 2016 sessions are specifically designed
to address the needs and questions identified through a survey of YEP membership. 


SESSION I: Tuesday, July 12 from 5:30p-7:30p

TOPICGrowing & Maintaining a Career in the Music Biz

ABOUT: A multigenerational dialog about the tips and tricks for growing and maintaining a career in the music industry. It will include a discussion about work life balance, the role of mentorship, networking secrets, social media’s impact, working for an indie versus a major company, the entrepreneurial path and other insights to growing and maintaining a career in the entertainment industry.


  • Moderator - Andrew Cohen (Suit Music, YEP Board Member) 
  • Leslie Fram (SVP/Music Strategy, CMT) 
  • Jody Williams (Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations, BMI) 
  • John Zarling (SVP, Partnership Marketing & Promotion Strategy, BMLG)
  • Makenzie Stokel (COO, EVAmore) 

SESSION II: Tuesday, August 9 from 5:30-7:30p

TOPIC: Buses, Bookings & Box Offices: Opportunities in the Live Music Biz

ABOUT: Panelists will be guided through representing the artist, manager, promoter and booking agent perspectives through a multifaceted dialog outlining the growing impact of live music and merchandise revenues, the challenges faced by touring artists and their teams and the innovation and career opportunities in live music.


  • Moderator - Justine Avila (Executive Director, Mayor's Music City Music Council)

    ...more to be announced!

SESSION III: Tuesday, September 13 from 5:30-7:30p

TOPIC: Tech-Yea: How Tech is Changing Access to Music

ABOUT: Session will explore how technology’s impact is enabling faster, more frequent releases and enabling more music engagement than ever. panelists will discuss how artists and labels are using tech to break the traditional release model, engage fans and market themselves while challenged by shrinking margins and smaller revenue streams.


  • Moderator -Heather McBee (VP, Acclerator Programming, EC)

...more to be announced!