Visit to American Underground and eating tacos left in the car…

March 11, 2014 / Share:

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This weekend myself and co-worker Jeff wandered to Raleigh-Durham to visit and work out of American Underground, one of the other tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs North American Tech Hub Network.  

The road trip started off little crazy.  We stopped to eat at a diner and Jeff immediately spilled the salt, which, as we all know, is a terrible omen for a road trip.  I immediately made him throw the salt over his left shoulder, and being the noob he is, he threw the whole shaker.  It hit this big redneck who mentioned that “whoever threw the saltshaker was a deadman”.  In the end we offered to buy their food, but tricked them and they ended up paying for ours without knowing it.  

Sorry, that was Dumb & Dumber, not our trip.  We stopped and drove through Taco Bell.  My mistake.

Back to the story. It was a great weekend, and the American Underground group is amazing.  We met with about everyone you could imagine, toured their amazing space, and learned a lot.  Instead of recapping that bit by bit, I will concentrate on some highlights.

We are all trying to do something wonderful.  All the parts of the Google for Entrepreneurs group are trying to help people recognize their dreams of building great businesses, and all are doing it in a different way.  The diversity of ideas is powerful.

Their space is unbelievable.  That seems to be a common theme from the Tech Hub Network, incredibly physical spaces.  It really allows for you to feel whats in play without having it explained.

Their staff is unbelievable.  They all working incredibly hard to help us through our time there and get as much out of it as we could, including meetings, lunch, happy hour, and suggestions on other things to do.

The area, Raleigh-Durham, is great.  Tons of young professional, tons of great spaces.  Good food, good beers, good fun.

The partner groups were great.  Startup Factory, Groundwork Labs, CED, and NC Idea all took time to walk us through how they fit in to the system.  Each one is well worth taking some time to look over!

Now, I need a little help settling an argument.  I left a taco (chicken soft taco, grilled, not pulled chicken), in its wrapper, in the bag, in my car overnight.  It was a cold night, never above 35 degrees.  Upon getting in the car in the morning, I ate said taco.  Jeff says thats gross.  I say its the same thing as a fridge. 

Please respond with an answer.

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