Everything you need to know about your visit to the EC
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For members, advisors, and anyone visiting the EC, parking is still FREE,
there will just be a different way of accessing it:

Upon your visit to the EC, please park in the second lot on the left of Peabody Street after you exit 1st/Hermitage Ave. EC members and guests DO NOT park in the front lot. The front lot is for parking pass permit only. Parking
there will get your car ticketed and towed. To avoid that, always go through the gated lot and get your
ticket validated for free at the EC's front desk.

  • Get a ticket from the machine at the gate and bring it into the building with you.

  • Upon arriving at the EC stop at the front desk for a validation sticker for the back of the ticket.

  • Follow the machine prompts when you leave to get free parking.

Note: Without a validation sticker you will not get free parking.  You'll have to pay $50 to exit the lot.  


1) Why is it so expensive to park in the new lot without the FREE parking?

  • The $50 parking fee is meant to protect our free parking. The intention is good.

  • The high cost is to deter the general public from utilizing the lot.

  • Parking is first-come-first-served so if the spots are occupied by the public they are not available to our members and guests.

  • Reminder tho - without the ticket & validation sticker members/guests will have to pay the $50 fee to park.

2) How will incubate/desk members deal with after hours and weekend parking?

  • These members will be given extra validation stickers to accommodate after hours/weekend parking.

  • They should see the front desk to receive this.

Please share questions / concerns with us at

We feel your challenge of member & guest concerns and are here to work through them with you.

We’re at the mercy of the surrounding Developers, Trolley Barn Partners and their vendors on the timing and systems implementation on the parking arrangements.  

Thank YOU for your patience during these growing pains of living and working in the “it” City of Nashville.