(description & application)

Intern Role: Portfolio Intern
Hours:  20-25 hrs/week
Compensation:  Credit or Volunteer
Education Requirement:  Undergraduate Junior, Senior - Entrepreneurship or related major preferred
Supervisor:  Advisor Program Lead

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) fosters innovation and entrepreneurship by connecting entrepreneurs to resources that help start and grow businesses and create jobs.  The EC has publicly launched a new program, Portfolio, to provide a customized level of support for significant growth entrepreneurs.  We support these companies through general Advisors with experience in successfully building ventures, Experts who bring knowledge of the different facets of business operations and Industry Connections who bring a depth of industry intelligence and relationships.  The combination of these three different types individuals provides the support an entrepreneur needs to scale the business to it's fullest potential.  The Portfolio team meets with each startup monthly to hold them accountable to their goals, diagnose their obstacles and needs, and identify their next steps.  From there we make the connections they need to move forward.  Interns in this role will be involved in all the steps of the Portfolio process and will be partially responsible for facilitating and following up on connections.

Additional Skills Needed:
- Great time management habits
- Strong social skills