Turn your idea into reality in just 12 weeks:

Learn how to start and scale your business in 12 weeks with PreFlight.


“PreFlight provides you with the fundamental roadmap to developing a successful business.”

-Paul McNeil
PreFlight Graduate & Founder of
Skrunchd Technologies



But you’re not ready to take it full-time yet. You might be doubting whether it’s even a good idea or not. And you’re probably completely overwhelmed at the idea of starting a business.

Sound familiar? Keep reading. We can help.


What is PreFlight?

PreFlight is a Nashville Entrepreneur Center program that helps up-and-coming entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses and connect with expert advisors (and even investors).

Over the past 4 years, PreFlight has been tweaked, tailored, and tested to provide you with the most efficient and effective path from idea to business.

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“Without PreFlight, I would not have been able to access such condensed and pinpointed information on starting a business in such a short amount of time.”

-Ayumi Bennett
 PreFlight Graduate & Founder of Startup Southerner


If you are interested in the payment plan options please email gradi.ellis@ec.co to get registered using this option. 


How does it work?

PreFlight is a 14-week program. Each of the first 12 weeks focuses on a different topic essential to startup success. The final 2 weeks focus on pitching your business and culminate in a 5-minute pitch to experts who can give you feedback and maybe even capital to launch your business.

As a member of PreFlight, you will work closely with your cohort to test and validate your idea, ensuring the business you exit PreFlight with is as strong as possible.

Between classes, you’ll have access to over 10 hours of online course material.

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“Being in an environment with mentors & peers as you are trying to validate your ideas is invaluable.”

-David Latimer
PreFlight Graduate & Founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes


How much does it cost?

This week only, you can join PreFlight for $999.

PreFlight normally costs $1,450, or 3 installments of $483. But if you sign up this week, you receive a 31% discount on the program’s normal cost. That’s a savings of $451.

But this discount only applies to the first 10 people who take advantage of it. If you want to join PreFlight for the cheapest rate we offer, just click the button below.

The next session begins on May 21 and will run through August 20

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    If you are interested in the payment plan options please email gradi.ellis@ec.co to get registered using this option or learn more. 


    Special PreFlight Bonus

    PreFlight comes with a bonus—a membership to the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.
    That means you get free access to:

    • 240+ advisors who have the knowledge and connections to help you succeed
    • A community of entrepreneurs just like you to learn from and connect with
    • A coworking space open weekdays 8AM – 5PM
    • Free coffee and printing
    • Access to Entrepreneur Center networking events
    • Secret handshakes with our Membership Lead, Jeremy

    Here's What You'll Learn:

    Weekly Topic Breakdown:
    Week 1: Introduction & Overview [Understand the program]
    Week 2: Identifying Customer Problems [Find your customer's pain]
    Week 3: Solving Customer Problems [How Your Product Is The Answer]
    Week 4: Understanding Early Adopters [Figure out who is using your product]
    Week 5: Turning Assumptions Into Facts and Understanding Trends [Discover Your Customers]
    Week 6: Finding Your White Space [Finding Your Position In the Competitive Landscape]
    Week 7: Communicating Value [Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition]
    Week 8: Marketing & Sales for Startups [How To Get Your Message Out]
    Week 9: Business Modeling [How To Make Money]
    Week 10: Evaluating & Pitching Your Business [Formalizing Pitch Structure]
    Week 11: Capturing Value [Pricing Strategizing]
    Week 12: Projecting a Financial Future [Build A Financial Projection]


    Money-Back Guarantee:

    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for PreFlight.

    If you get into the program and realize it’s not for you, or if you can’t continue for any reason, let us know in the first 30 days and we will give you back every penny you’ve spent on the course.

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    I got absolute clarity about my company's direction in PreFlight and learned how to distinguish how we add value to the market. If you want to build a foundation for your company that will help you advance with clarity and momentum, you must go through PreFlight. Thank me later!

    -Bill McCleskey
    PreFlight Graduate & Founder of Mitech Partners


    If you are interested in the payment plan options please email
    gradi.ellis@ec.co to get registered using this option or learn more. 



    Q: I only have an idea. I’m not even sure if it’s good. Is this program for me?

    A: Absolutely. Most of our PreFlight alumni (nearly 200 people) started with just an idea. PreFlight is designed to help you validate your business idea in a community of peers with the best support possible.

    Q: When and where are classes held?

    A: Classes are held at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (41 Peabody St.) on Monday evenings from 5:30PM - 7:00PM.

    Q: Do I get access to anything outside of classes?

    A: Yes! You’ll also get access to 10 hours of online course material.

    Q: Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

    A: Yes we do! Click here to learn more about our scholarships for female, veteran, student, and minority entrepreneurs.

    Still have questions? Just email gradi.ellis@ec.co.
    She’d love to clarify anything you have questions about!


    If you are interested in the payment plan options please email gradi.ellis@ec.co to get registered using this option or learn more.