In 2017, the EC invited 12 healthcare startups in our community to be a part of a pilot version of Project Healthcare Portfolio. Not only were we able to support these teams through industry connections and curriculum, we also were able to test out our ideas, learn, iterate, and create the full version of Project Healthcare Portfolio.


Advocatia Solutions provides benefit advocacy services for hospitals and employers.

AffirmHealth is a workflow integration and automation software designed to prevent prescription drug abuse. 

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CommunityConneXor creates and maintains a seamless communication bridge between healthcare and community-based organizations.

FlexWiseHealth is an online staffing platform providing direct access to regional marketplaces of fully-vetted nurses, technicians, therapists and physicians ready to work on a flexible basis.

GreenLight Medical is an enterprise cloud service that enables collaboration between hospitals and suppliers to streamline the approval, procurement, and payment of new medical products.


These teams Experienced our pilot program in partnership with jumpstart foundry

Belle provides beauty and wellness services at a client's home, office or hotel and are moving into the senior care and geriatric healthcare space.



CloseNest is a medical temporary housing company that provides unique short term living environments with that "Home Away From Home" feel and comfort.

Huso is a patented and powerful sound frequency therapy that balances the autonomic nervous system.

Luna Lights is an automated lighting system that uses behavioral analysis to keep older adults safer at night.

MDOps is the leading innovator of voice-controlled physician care.

PHRQL provides technology to assist community health services. They are the market leader for clinical nutrition therapy services delivered through local supermarkets, where it is convenient and actionable.

Pillsy is a Bluetooth-based smart pill bottle and app that makes it easy to remember and track your vitamins and medications.


Other Healthcare Teams We've Worked With: