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How does it work?

The specific experience of each entrepreneur varies based on specific needs, but the basic process is simple: (1) We stay up-to-date on your needs, and (2) we equip you with the right resources to address those needs.

The following is a walk-through of a “typical” case:

  • We check in with you monthly to understand your needs and goals for the next month.
  • We work through our resource network to identify up to three critical value-adds we can provide to help you address those needs and accelerate development.
  • We send you three specific opportunities. You approve us to facilitate those engagements.
  • We connect you to those resources, so you can meet directly with them.
  • We follow up with the resource, if appropriate, to collect feedback.
  • We check in with you the next month to follow up on the previous month’s meetings, track your progress, understand your current needs, and continue the process.

Wait, you charge money and I don’t get money?

Yes. We are a nonprofit. If you want to raise money, we will help you become investment-ready and navigate investor networks, but we do not directly invest. By removing the capital restrictions, we are able to support more teams and stay true to your needs. If your only goal is to raise money, we are not the right program for you.

What happens when I graduate?

Upon completion of the full-year program, you join the ranks of Portfolio alumni. You also have the option to renew your membership in Portfolio for another year.

What if I enter the program but I find out it isn’t for me?

We carefully select participants that fit the program and our expertise. However, if you find the program doesn’t fit your needs, you can you can remove yourself from the program and we will refund up to 100% of the most recent quarter's payment.

What are your expectations of teams in the program?

  • Teams in the program must meet standard program expectations. (Be responsive to check-ins, show up on time to events and meetings, not steal each other’s ideas, etc.)
  • Teams must be good stewards of Project Healthcare’s goodwill. (Provide a good experience for the people with whom we connect you.)
  • Teams must contribute to the sustainability of the program. (Support the mechanisms that enable us to charge a low price: reporting business statistics, participating in sponsor presentations, etc.)

Will you accept teams throughout the year?

The number of teams we accept is based on the number of applicants we can meaningfully support. Throughout the year, some factors may expand our capacity, enabling us to onboard additional teams. But if you apply at that point, you should know that spots would be significantly more limited, your chances of acceptance would dwindle, and you would still be competing against all the teams that applied to enter with the 2018 Project Healthcare batch but had not been accepted. If you are interested in the program, your best bet is to apply now.

Do you get me customers, business partners, and investors?

No. However, we do give you introductions that can lead to customers, business partners, and investors, as has been the case for other Portfolio teams with whom we have worked. We set up opportunities for you to learn from individuals, rather than make active sales calls. The combination of our endorsement, preparation of both sides for the meeting, and your strong performance may result in sales, business deals, or investments — but we only create the opportunity.

How do you make connections? Does this mean I get to meet with anybody I want to, right away?

No. We leverage the full support of our expertise and network in a way that (1) delivers a valuable experience for you, and (2) delivers a valuable experience for the person with whom you meet. We know what our advisors and network partners want an entrepreneur to have accomplished prior to a meeting and how they want the entrepreneur to approach the conversation. Until you are fully prepared in those two areas, we won’t make that specific introduction. However, we will help you become prepared for the meeting and make whatever introductions are necessary before then.

Can I see your alumni?

Sure. You can see them here.

What if I am not happy with my experience?

We will always refund the portion of the prior quarter payment you believe is appropriate. All you have to do is let us know why you are dropping out.

What about stats and reporting?

We report numbers in aggregate with our programs to protect the sensitivity of our individual teams’ data. We use the aggregated data to assist with our fundraising efforts that enable us to help keep prices low and fulfill our mission as a non-profit.

If I'm based in Nashville, do I get an EC membership?

Yes! You will get one free year of our Cowork membership + 50% off Incubate membership.


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