AndMe.tv is a virtual meet and greet platform that helps artists create fan experiences unlike any other. Using interactive video technology, fans can “get in line”, join the virtual stage, and meet their favorite artists face-to-face.

Based out of: Nashville, Tennessee

Cori Pavlicko,  CEO

Cori Pavlicko, CEO



Anthems is a storytelling and social platform that enables artists and music lovers to capture their life soundtracks and share their personal stories through music.  More meaningful connections coupled with in-app sales help artists better engage, grow and monetize their fanbase.

The platform integrates with several streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube and is coming soon on iOS and Android.

Based out of: San Francisco, CA

Naveen Sridhar,  CEO

Naveen Sridhar, CEO



Ciari Guitars has designed The Ascender, the first and only full-size travel guitar with symmetrical folding for the smallest travel footprint on the market while still maintaining a true 22-fret electric guitar look, feel and play. An engineering masterpiece, it boasts a patented lever-actuated folding mechanism including a mid-neck hinge, translating truss rod, and floating bridge for quick and easy folding/unfolding, elegant string management, and compact size perfect for carry-on portability.

Based out of: San Diego, California

Jonathan Spangler,  CEO

Jonathan Spangler, CEO



Cleerkut is a do-it-yourself (DIY) global rights management platform for independent music creators to manage their own copyrights without the need of an attorney or accountant and for music professionals that have a need for an automated system to perform their music administration tasks. The platform is simple and easy to use and manages both song (performance arts) © and sound recording (P) copyrights for a low monthly cost.

Based out of: Washington D.C. 

Cheryl Potts,  CEO

Cheryl Potts, CEO



Hookist is a collaborative songwriting platform and music social network where well-known artists write original songs with their fans, line by line, over the course of several weeks using Hookist’s cutting edge proprietary system.

Based out of: New York City, New York

Meredith Collins,  CEO

Meredith Collins, CEO


JamFeed is the easiest way to keep up to date with the music that you love. They have created a personalized music news app that keeps you up-to-date with all of your favorite artists, bands and festivals in real-time. JamFeed uses mobile push notifications to push music fans breaking music news for their favorite artists and festivals such as: new music releases, tour announcements, and festival lineup/schedule announcements.

Based out of:  Austin, Texas

Cameron Gibson,  CEO

Cameron Gibson, CEO



OnlyInVR specializes in two types of 360-degree video work: music-minded content and travel and tourism content, both of which are perfectly matched to the special capabilities that virtual reality brings to consumers in a VR headset. 

Based out of:  Austin, Texas

Michael Hodson,  CEO

Michael Hodson, CEO


RootNote builds, supports, and invests into musician-owned companies. They are creating a scalable system to help educate, incubate, and accelerate the current and next generations of entrepreneurial musicians. Rootnote aims to help grow the music industry from the ground up by focusing on the core of the industry, the artists, and embracing its new and dynamic nature

Based out of: Nashville, Tennessee

Jason Burchard,  CEO

Jason Burchard, CEO



For people who need to interact with the physical and virtual world simultaneously, SMASHmouse provides an intuitive way to be hands free while still controlling a mouse cursor and efficiently triggering common software actions.

Based out of: Atlanta, Georgia

Robb Dillon,  CEO

Robb Dillon, CEO