Service Providers Will:

  • Engage with a desire to help first, without regard to any financial relationship.
  • Participate as a Partner or Sponsor of the EC and/or offer a favorable pricing package to entrepreneurs at the EC.
  • Agree to a background check, if requested.
  • Attend training and complete shadowing requirements.
  • Deliver required EC documentation of each Service Provider meeting.
  • Execute the EC's Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Listen actively, build trust and give honest feedback.
  • Make the entrepreneur aware of any potential conflicts of interest involving the Service Provider's own company.
  • Prepare in advance for the Service Provider’s meeting.
  • Provide 48 hour notice of cancellation for meetings.
  • Serve as matchmakers for other Service Providers, mentors, investors and partners/customers.
  • Teach, guide, advise and assign helpful homework, if appropriate.
  • Volunteer time (4 hours per month).

Service providers will not:

  • Do the work for the entrepreneur.
  • Pressure the entrepreneur to hire the Service Provider as a paid consultant, advisor or employee; however, as the relationship evolves and requires agreed upon deliverables, financial engagement utilizing the Service Provider’s EC package is acceptable.
  • Violate the confidentiality requirements of EC Advisor Program.
  • Withhold pertinent background information or act in secret.