The Nashville Entrepreneur Center has established a program to create an environment for students to launch their
careers by growing their knowledge and experience around entrepreneurship.


We have internships that give you the opportunity to engage in social media, marketing, accelerator programs, financial modeling
and more and it is all through the eyes of an entrepreneurial organization and entrepreneurs.

Many of our intern opportunities are industry agnostic, but we also offer specific seasonal programs in cooperation with key industry partners targeting healthcare, music tech, publishing innovations, digital media, social enterprise and more. This provides you a chance
to work with the future of these industries as well as industry thought leaders. 

APPLICATIONS are open for fall 2017 & Spring 2018.


Advisor Program
Alumni Relations
Audio Production
Business Development
Digital Marketing


All the roles at the EC require similar skills - an entrepreneurial mindset, attention to detail, and being organized. If you are familiar with Google Apps, Microsoft Office Products and Apple iWorks you are ahead of the game! If you are self-motivated with a positive attitude and passionate about helping others, the EC can be a great learning experience for you!  

FALL 2017:
Applications Close:  8/10/17
Required Orientation: 8/22 @ 9-10:30a
Start Date : 8/23/17
End Date: 12/12/17

*Some roles posted may have different start & end dates.  Those are noted on the application.  Availability of each role is subject to change without notice.

Some questions may be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page here.