To connect entrepreneurs with critical resources to create, launch and grow businesses. 

Our community's success is driven by the EC's work of making Nashville one of the best places in America to create, launch and grow a business.  The support of our donors, sponsors and partners have enabled many to explore entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into a reality.  


The EC became the front door for entrepreneurs aspiring to create companies in Nashville with the opening of its flagship facility at 105 Broadway in August of 2010. In June of 2013, the EC moved to its current location in one of the many Trolley Barns on Rolling Mill Hill.

Originally a vision of the Partnership 2010 initiatives of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the EC began in 2007 with the mission of raising the quality of resources available to Nashville’s entrepreneurial and small business communities. The EC represents a partnership of local and state government support, private interests and the Nashville business community at-large.