Ted Merhoff

August 11, 2023 / Share:

As Chief Strategy Officer at Shearwater Health, Ted Merhoff is uniquely positioned to align technology as well as onsite and remote clinical professionals to achieve quality outcomes, efficiency, innovation, and cost savings at unimaginable scale. This is particularly impactful because of the cost and scarcity of registered nurses and the rapidly evolving virtual care and telehealth space. Shearwater leverages resources spanning three dozen countries, reimagining workflow to align clinical teams for better results while preserving scarce clinical resources.

Ted’s passion for quality healthcare outcomes is rooted in his early career working in a trauma center, and it was later refined through serving Shearwater for over more than two decades. Ted’s world travel and meetings with hospital leaders, policy makers, and registered nurses allowed him to develop an appreciation for how healthcare professionals cross national borders to make a difference in their livelihood and to positively impact healthcare, which now positively contributes to Shearwater’s success.

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